1) still sick: Enough already. Seriously. After feeling so crappy all last week with the period from hell, I've now had a killer headache since Sunday. I'm pretty much holding it at bay with ridiculous amounts of drugs but because of the amount I'm taking I just feel incredibly sick all the time. I know it'll pass soon (because it has to, right?) but I'm now at the pathetic stage which I usually reach after a week or more of feeling crappy - the stage where I feel ridiculously sorry for myself and quite frankly just want someone to come round and look after me whilst I curl up on the couch in my PJ's being whiny. Not that tempting, huh? Guess I'll carry on being whiny by myself then =)

2) box of magic: The most recent post on [livejournal.com profile] boxofmagic say there's now 23 fics being posted in August, when previously they said 24 - anyone know who's is missing? I'm sort of assuming it's [livejournal.com profile] syllic's story as they'd asked recently if anyone had it or any parts of it - which is such a shame as I was so, so looking forward to reading hers just because of how much I love and adore Three Tasks.

3) ianto: I had a really weird dream last night where Ianto lived. Jack had kept hold of his body and brought him back to life at the end of the final episode by making him vomit, thereby expelling all the poison from his body as he was only in suspended death or something similarly ridiculous. Don't ask me how he made a dead person vomit, it was disgusting. And the final episode ended with Ianto coughing and spluttering and opening his eyes and I'm sat there thinking 'Holy shit, Ianto's alive!' whilst at the same time thinking 'Holy shit, Ianto's alive - in the most ridiculous and stupid way possible'. IDEK.

4) dirty enabler: I have [livejournal.com profile] kimberweeme almost hooked now on Merlin fic which of course makes me very, very happy =) I'm to send her an email of my favourite fics to get her properly kickstarted but in the meantime let me just give her this one rec - which I know I've recced before - but there's really no better place to start than getting someone to read something of [livejournal.com profile] adelagia's because she's simply amazing.

Four Things One Should Know About Merlin (and One Thing Nobody Knows About Arthur) by [livejournal.com profile] adelagia | { PG | Merlin/Arthur }
(All her fics are so wonderful and this is one of my absolute favourites - along with Lemon Meringue which I adore to bits but I figure I can't just keep on and on reccing that one....)

5) sweets: [livejournal.com profile] pixiesparkle6 brought me some sweets in today as apparently there's a great new sweet shop opened in New Milton. Must go check it out soon:

I've already eaten one of the butterflies...

*hugs all*

From: [identity profile] huntress1013.livejournal.com

I really feel for you. I HATE headaches like that. Maybe you have a really, really stiff neck? In my case headaches usually originate from my neck and back.

I had a weird dream about the new doctor. I read somewhere that they also changed the look of the sonic screw driver and in my dream the screw driver looked a bit like a vibrator and the TARDIS from the inside reminded me of the "Camden Lock" and he had all those little assistants that looked a lot like weird oompa loompas .....did I say that the dream was weird. LOL ^_^

I looooove that chocolate frog. Totally reminds me of Harry Potter. Now if you also had some white marshmellow mice and jelly beans it would be a real HP treat =)The butterflies look like yummy white chocolate. Mmmmmh =)

From: [identity profile] the-muppet.livejournal.com

Yeah, my neck and shoulders are agony in the mornings at the moment. It'll pass eventually I know, but it just sucks right now.

That's an amusing Doctor dream - particularly the bit about the sonic screwdriver =)

I looooove that chocolate frog. Totally reminds me of Harry Potter.

I hadn't thought of it like that - and yeah, the white chocolate butterflies are yummy =)

From: [identity profile] tearful-eye.livejournal.com

hope you feel better soon, *hugs* - headaches suck! drink lots of strong, black coffee... better than drugs :)
& mhm, that chocolate frog (is it frog?) looks delicious. and reminds me i should finally go & watch that new harry potter movie.

From: [identity profile] the-muppet.livejournal.com

I'm drinking loads of lemon squash right now but I'll try the black coffee later - thanks =)

I won't get to see HP till it comes out on DVD as I've no-one to see it with... still, things come out to DVD quite quickly now so not to long to wait, hopefully =)

I kinda blame you for the Ianto dream, you know - all that comment spammage the other day that then led to us talking about Torchwood; therefore, your fault =P


From: [identity profile] tearful-eye.livejournal.com

HEE, you had a ianto-dream? i happily take the blame for that :P i wanna dream about ianto too... mmhm. hope it wasn't a nightmare about him dying though :/

From: [identity profile] tearful-eye.livejournal.com

duh, me & my fly-by-reading, *eyeroll* i do it all the time :/

...but even with the vomiting i would totally watch it! maybe there'll be two season 4s - one with gwen & the no-janto, and one where they show an alternate ending to coe, to soothe all the disappointed fans ;) with vomiting.

From: [identity profile] the-muppet.livejournal.com

Maybe one with Ianto back (possibly the vomit thing is actually a really damn good idea) and without Gwen.


From: [identity profile] chratz.livejournal.com

oh my dear poor you. I really hope that you will feel better soon. the coffee advise is a good one, because they put coffein into painkillers.
I still haven't watched a single episode of Merlin, so i have no idea, what it's all about really, but good fanfiction is always needed. so yay.

the frog and butterflies look so delicious. I want to take the frog with me into the cinema tonight, when I am finally watching HBP. I really hope I like it.

feel better! *sends healthy wishes and an vegetable soup* *hugs*

From: [identity profile] the-muppet.livejournal.com

I just wish I was at home right now rather than at work - I could have phoned in sick this morning (and nearly did) but clearly I'm an idiot. Or something.

I really need to get you watching Merlin, don't I? =)


From: [identity profile] the-muppet.livejournal.com

No he isn't dead because I saw him quite graphically vomiting his way back to life last night...

From: [identity profile] the-muppet.livejournal.com

Well no, it's not quite the image I would have wanted =)

Whatever though, Ianto lives. End of.
ext_948: (TW - remember Ianto)

From: [identity profile] from-the-corner.livejournal.com

Ianto lives

Yup. I'm already working on a few icons that confirm it. Although it's still easier for me to make "mourning" icons :(

From: [identity profile] adelagia.livejournal.com

Blergh, feel better! I will it so. Also, I hear Coke does great things for headaches, if you drink that sort of thing. (It also apparently is very effective for cleaning clogged drains and car batteries.)

I figure I can't just keep on and on reccing that one...

I would have no problem with this. :) Thanks for reccing me all the time, you. ♥

From: [identity profile] the-muppet.livejournal.com

I would have no problem with this. :)

Neither would I - I'd rec it on every single post if I thought I'd get away with it - I'm ridiculously attatched to that fic. Well all of them actually, but that one especially =)

From: [identity profile] nicole9514.livejournal.com

**HUGS** i'm sorry you are still feeling crappy hon.

i so wish Jack had revived ianto in some way that would have rocked.

mmmm yummies! i luv white chocolate :) well all chocolate actually :)

From: [identity profile] the-muppet.livejournal.com

i so wish Jack had revived ianto in some way...

He did - last night - graphically and it involved vomit. UGH. Still, Ianto lived and it was wonderful =)

*hugs lots*

From: [identity profile] looking4tarzan.livejournal.com

Don't ask me how he made a dead person vomit

Owen? handstand?

*hugs for the poorly sickness!*

From: [identity profile] coffeejunkii.livejournal.com

i'm sorry you're feeling so crappy and i hope it will indeed pass soon! i wish ianto was still alive--i don't care how!

chocolate frog!! hee. *has hp moment*

From: [identity profile] the-muppet.livejournal.com

I hope it passes too - until then I'll just keep spoiling myself by mooching on the couch reading fic =)

It took someone else to point out the chocolate frog/HP connection as I totally didn't think of it.

From: [identity profile] accordingtomel.livejournal.com

I'm sorry you're still sick hon *hugs tightly*

I'd bring you by some soup and more chocolate if I could *nods* :)

Also, I agree 100% about ANYTHING [livejournal.com profile] adelagia writes. She's absolutely brilliant! Seriously!!

Ooooh! LOVE those chocolates!! I am SO down with chocolate that's shaped like various animals. That is AWESOME :D

Feel better sweetie!!!

From: [identity profile] the-muppet.livejournal.com

Am definitely feeling better than I was today - then again I'm finishing work at lunchtime so that could have a lot to do with it! thanks for the offer to come look after me - you're clearly not put off by my whining yet =)

I absolutely adore everything [livejournal.com profile] adelagia writes and am more than happy to pimp her constantly - I'm sure she gets sick of it sometimes =) and Lemon Meringue is like my happy fic - I only have to think about it to start smiling =)

I'll be visiting that sweet shop myself as soon as I can to stock up on goodies =)

*hugs lots*

From: [identity profile] kimberweeme.livejournal.com

1) Poor thing! Were I not across an ocean, I would come take care of you.

3) That... is kind of disturbing. In my happy little place, Ianto was just asleep. *nods* And now he and Jack are off gallivanting across the universe, making out on every planet.

4) You are a dirty enabler! So I totally read that fic and it was so cute! But then I read Lemon Meringue and it was even more adorable! The things Merlin does to keep tabs on Arthur. *pets him*

(I watched 4 episodes of Merlin yesterday and today. Go me?)

5) That chocolate frog looks delish. Dedicate a nibble to me?


From: [identity profile] the-muppet.livejournal.com

1) That's very kind of you - and you're the only one to offer LOL so clearly my flist is used to my whinyness =)

3) It was highly distrubing and graphic in the extreme. Clearly I'm still traumatised.

4) GO ME! Aw, I knew you'd like it, but I also knew you'd love Lemon Meringue because it's just so utterly adorable - that fic actually makes me smile just thinking about it! I'll be working on a rec list for you this weekend ;) Do I have your email... ? *pats you on the back for your Merlin rewatching stint*

5) If I hadn't wolfed it down like the greedy pic I clearly am, I would for sure have dedicated a nibble to you - I'll be visiting that sweet shop myself though (ASAP) and will dedicate w hole frog to you - how's that?

From: [identity profile] padfootie.livejournal.com

Ianto! D;

(I really, really thought that he wouldn't be dead in the end. I kept thinking about Jack's life-giving kiss and then when they did the summary at the beginning of episode 5 they showed the kiss again and I was so sure that they did that because it would become meaningful.)

From: [identity profile] the-muppet.livejournal.com

Well I think most of us are now in a state of denial where our own canon is that Ianto still lives. Because he can't be dead. Not Ianto.

Of all the things RTD screwed up with S3 - and there were many - that was a frickin biggie.

From: [identity profile] padfootie.livejournal.com

I took two walks with the dogs and I'm feeling slightly better now. I still hate S3 though and... I also still can't grasp it. It's less denial than... or maybe it is denial, because I simply can't believe that they killed Ianto. Seriously, this has to be a very bad joke.

From: [identity profile] prfctdaze.livejournal.com

I love those butterflies :D

I thought you were feeling better but now a dreaded headache...ARGH :( Hopefully by the time you read this comment you'll be on the road to recovery. It's never fun to be sick, but even worse on the weekend.

Strange dream but, yeah, if it resulted in Ianto being alive then I'm all for it, vomit and everything :)


From: [identity profile] the-muppet.livejournal.com

Head is still pretty bad but I've come into work anyway - mostly because I'm clearly an idiot - but am hoping to finish early and go home to bed.

Those chocs were delicious =)

Ianto isn't dead. I'm just not accepting S3 as canon and will have my own personal canon where Ianto lives =)


From: [identity profile] starrylizard.livejournal.com

I wish I could come around with a big old veggie soup, popcorn and some merlin, but alas...flights are so expensive these days. *HUUUUGS more* (And is now up to date in muppet world. man I'm the worst flister! xx)
ext_17010: (Gen - Plot bunnies!)

From: [identity profile] bellasianna.livejournal.com

I hope you don't have swine flu... *worries* *worries about girlie boy*

From: [identity profile] the-muppet.livejournal.com

I'm fine now and GirlyBoy is fine too - if he was sick you'd hear him whining from across the sea.
ext_17010: (Jensen - you rock!)

From: [identity profile] bellasianna.livejournal.com

Hahahahaha it's funny because it's true! *snigger*
New girly boy icon = he's looking.... BUFF and MANLY!!! Success!

From: (Anonymous)

aw you made pics of the special sweets =) how cool is that! hope you enjoyed them and they made you feel just a little bit better x


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