As a follow-on from this poll I have now heard from the mod over at [ profile] boxofmagic and sadly it will not now be running this year.

I am in the process of trying to set something up - either taking over [ profile] boxofmagic (awaiting mod permission) or setting up a different Big Bang comm - so if anyone is still interested please let me know! I don't have the time right now to cross-post this information and I want to get things running ASAP so feel free to spread the word and link to this post for now if anyone has any input they'd like to share.

Also feel free to leave any ideas & suggestions here, including a new community name in case we need to start from scratch; thank you ♥

EDIT: You new Merlin Big Bang challenge is being set up right now and will hopefully be launched on Friday; thank you ♥
the_muppet: (Heroes: Claire (alone))
( Aug. 18th, 2009 09:59 am)
boxofmagic & air festival & thank you. )

Don't really have anything else to say right now, just thought I ought to check in really. Hope you're all doing okay.



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