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( Dec. 24th, 2010 08:38 am)
I had a message from Photobucket today to tell me that my Pro account has been renewed and is now good through to 2013! I can't thank enough whichever of you it was that did this, but I'd like to try, so please tell me who you are!


Happy Holidays to all of you - each and every one of you are simply amazing people and it's an absolute pleasure knowing you ♥

{ much love and hugs to you all ♥ }
- Photobucket won't upload properly for me. Dammit. Just says 'uploading' and stays on 0% all the time, forcing me to use what they call the 'old uploader' which is annoying and frustrating. I've no idea why it's started doing this and the only thing I've added is the Delicious browser thingy. Could that have done it?

- The March Inspiration Post is now open over at [ profile] spn_sceneit - go be inspired and/or inspirational.

- I honestly have nothing of interest with me to update about. Or I can't be bothered to try and remember the interesting stuff. Either way.

Merlin/RPF recs = ♥ )

Hope you're all doing okay x


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