Because it's been a week since my last proper update - and because I promised several people a normal post of some sort this week even though I've pretty much had a hellish week - here you go...

5 things and who wants mail? )

*huge hugs all*
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( Oct. 31st, 2006 08:09 am)

Happy Halloween!

Whether you're celebrating or not I hope you all have a great day today  :)

*hugs flist*
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( Oct. 25th, 2006 12:26 pm)
I have to put up all my Halloween decorations tonight ~ anyone want to help?  You should know that I decorate the whole flat (mostly for The Boy, partly for me) and Halloween is my favourite holiday.  It's just I'm kinda tired after the last few days and today is going to be a long, long day, so I don't have too much energy ~ so if you want to come on round and help me, I will provide cake  :)

I've just gone 2 whole days now without a thumping headace/feeling totally crap, and boy, it feels good!  :D   Having spent weeks in pain and feeling like I'm about to keel over, I now feel great - just because I feel well!  :)   It also means I can now get on with everything I've been putting off - so a lot to catch up with  ;)

Although the wonderful [ profile] azonia  has helped me out in the VE software department, I am still making a last-ditch effort to fix Pinnacle.  Why?  Because I really like using it, I'm comfortable with it and I'm not giving up on something I paid money for without having tried everything!  Pinnacle support have run out of ideas and are just sending me ones they've sent before, but Cole J has been fantastic in helping me, so huge thanks to her  :)    I'm missing vidding so much, and have a few ideas that I'm desperate to get started on, so one way or another I need to resolve this problem or get to grips with other software.

And Halloween is nearly here - my favourite holiday of the year - so what's NOT to be happy about?!   Though I honestly couldn't tell you what I love about Halloween - I just do  :)





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