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([personal profile] the_muppet Dec. 4th, 2010 07:39 am)

1) icon stuff: I've done a holiday gift of a { winter/holidays icons post } for you guys and for the people who watch [ profile] paper_packages and I'm so pleased with how well received they've been. Talking of icons, I'd really like a new icon table generator where the icons are more spaced out. Anyone have any recommendations?

2) operation: I have a date for my operation and it's on Friday January 28th. FINALLY.

3) heating: I've had no heating for two weeks but have had a new boiler fitted yesterday and am finally warm again. Been sick for about 3 weeks now and I'm sure the lack of heating hasn't helped that. Had another GP appointment for yesterday but due to the snow and icy roads I was unable to get there. Still, nice and toasty now, which is good timing as the South Coast appears to be suffering from the Snowpocalypse. This country is utterly ridiculous.

4) snow: Woke up Thursday morning to find snow had been dumped in large quantities here where I live. Dug my car out (and yes, I had to dig it out) and set off for work about 7am. Only made it as far as my managers house though, then spent the morning there helping her phone all our service users to let them know the day center where we work would be closed for the next two days. I have some snow pictures for you, taken over the last couple of days. They really don't show you though the depth of the snow we've had here, which may be light compared to other places but is pretty rare for the South Coast. Oh, and the reason the road outside my bedroom window looks like a sheet of ice is because it is:

Random in Southbourne:

Random in Southbourne:

Random in Southbourne:

Random in Southbourne:

From my bedroom window last night:

From my bedroom window last night:

From my bedroom window last night:

From my kitchen window this morning:

From my bedroom window this morning:

Love and hugs to you all ♥
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