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([personal profile] the_muppet Nov. 14th, 2010 09:59 am)
I'm incredibly boring right now and lacking in the posting department, so here's just a few things before I go crawl on my couch for the day:

1) paper legends: I've been tentatively working more on next years [ profile] paperlegends schedule over the last couple of weeks, which is exciting and terrifying all at the same time. I'll post up the schedule sometime in January but if anyone wants a vague idea of times, sign-ups will open at the beginning of February and all posting will take place during August.

2) thank you: I know this is very belated but I really just wanted to thank whoever anonymously gifted me the purple charity bear - thank you so much =)

3) sick: I'm kind of sick right now. I've been having some problems with my right ear since last week, and have now not been able to hear out of it since Friday. Except for a loud pulsing noise when it's really quiet, like when I'm trying to sleep. I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday for something else, so if I still can't hear by then, I'll talk to my GP about it. And now I've woken up this morning with this throat/cough thing and feel even more pants than I did, so am feeling quite sorry for myself and will be taking to my couch today to read fanfic, rather than sorting out my icon picture folders as I'd planned to do.

4) computer question: Talking of icon folders... when I had Windows XP I could move my icons around in the folder I'd put them in, so I could visualise the order I wanted to post them in before putting them up. Now I have Windows 7, I cannot move them around in the folder; anyone know how to overcome this?

5) lottery: Also, I won the lottery recently. Twice! Sadly it was only £10 each time, in consecutive draws, but it was from the same line of numbers, which I thought was pretty cool =)

Hope you're all okay ♥

From: [identity profile]

You continue to floor me with the [ profile] paperlegends thing. You're amazing, darling! And very organized ;)

I hope you feel better soon. The ear thing sounds scary, I hope it works out well! *hugs*

And yay lottery! Every penny counts, right?

From: [identity profile]

Well on the one hand I don't for one minute expect the turnout to be anything like this year was (which was bloody amazing) though on the other hand there's so much potential there for new fic, what with Gwaine, and Elena, etc. So hopefully it'll be at least a bit of a success =)

Every penny most definitely does count, yes =)

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From: [identity profile]

Ugh, I have sore ears lately too. Well, not so much sore as randomly feeling like they're full of cotton wool. Hope yours clear soon.

Windows 7 does annoying shit. No idea how to fix that one, but I know exactly what you mean. *blows raspberries at it*

Awesome on the lottery. \o/

From: [identity profile]

It's bloody annoying that I can't move the icons around. I was hoping someone cleverer than me might know a way round it =)

From: [identity profile]

I usually just add a number in the front of them, if I want to look at them in order. Annoying pretty much describes certain aspects of Windows 7 to a tee. Bah! It's too clever for its own good.

From: [identity profile]

Well I always number them before I upload them anyway, but I liked to just move them around first and see what order looked best; can't do that now.

From: [identity profile]

3) That doesn't sound good at all. :( Get better soon. ♥

5) Yay for winning the lottery. What a coincidence! :)

From: [identity profile]

It's very annoying, particularly the pulsing when I'm trying to get to sleep =/

From: [identity profile]

I'm sorry you're feeling rotten. :( I hope the doctor will be able to sort you out because ugh, DNW.

From: [identity profile]

Well I have a bottle of ear drops, a bottle of cough medicine and a folder of BB's to read, so I'm all set =)
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From: [identity profile]

Wow that's scary about your ear - but seems like it's viral so hopefully some anti-biotics and bed rest will fix you up.

Argh I have Windows Vista and after earlier versions I have such problems with those kinds of things. Windows has become progressively user-friendly in such a way that it's so restrictive and dumbed down. It doesn't trust the user to make the right decisions so it won't let you manipulate anything. Hopefully there is something in your settings, a check box for you to uncheck.

From: [identity profile]

I've not been able to find a check box or anything, so was just hoping someone else might've had a similar thing and been able to get round it. Oh well.

From: [identity profile]

Argh.. seems like you've been going through a run of back luck with the health. Hopefully it's a 24 hour bug and it'll be gone by tomorrow or really really soon.

As for the lottery! Congrats... it may be £10 but besides the financial gain however minimal, the winning feeling is always a good feeling.

From: [identity profile]

Yeah, I don't seem to be doing great health-wise lately, do I? I guess it's not that surprising though, considering.

Any money is obviously always welcome and it was nice to win it twice in a row like that =)
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From: [identity profile]

Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the postcard and the chocolates! You really, REALLY shouldn't have, but thank you SO much <3

From: [identity profile]

boring is good for life/sanity :) i like boring.

oh no about your ear. You may have either an infection or fluid behind your ear drum. I hope they can get it cleared up for you.

From: [identity profile]

I have some ear drops I got from the supermarket, so I'm hoping they;'ll clear it =)
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From: [identity profile]

I can't remember last time I won anything so I'm impressed anyway :)

And I hope you'll feel better soon. It's this time of year when it's so easy to catch something. So take care of yourself!

Oh, and I'm still reading Merlin fics basin on your delicious bookmarks :)


From: [identity profile]

I'm pretty dosed up on meds right now so not feeling too bad - think I'll go to bed soon and try to sleep it off =)

I'm glad you're finding the bookmarks useful - am trying to catch up on more reading so hopefully soon they'll be more bookmarks for you to choose from =)

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From: [personal profile] ansku

Oh no, ear problems are horrible... I hope it gets better soon if it hasn't already!

Congrats on the lottery winnings, the best we've manages was something like 5€ :)

And again, thank you! ♥ ^.^

From: [identity profile]

I still can't hear out of my right ear but I have the doctors tomorrow, so hopefully she can give me something to fix it =)



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