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([personal profile] the_muppet Sep. 12th, 2009 04:32 pm)
1) paper packages: [ profile] paper_packages now has over 300 members/watchers. This is overwhelmingly flattering and more than a little shocking to me. I am incredibly grateful to everyone who's joined/watching over there and so pleased that so many people seem to like what I'm doing. I ought to do a little thank you post - and I will.

2) gp: I have a GP appointment on Monday to hopefully start sorting out these never ending periods from hell I'm having. Still feeling headachey and tired this weekend, but then it's been a pretty draining week with it and I did have to take Wednesday off work as I was feeling so crappy. Ugh. My GP is pretty wonderful though so hopefully I'm not going to have to wait forever for whatever needs to be done to sort this all out.

3) expo: Am currently trying to persuade [ profile] deans_babe to go to Expo with me in October in the hope of finally seeing the Merlin boys. Never been to anything like that before so need you all to tell me how the hell to go about researching/organizing/etc. [ profile] adealgia has been inspiring me with emails as to why I should go (they mostly consist of facts relating to Colin which clearly is more than enough inspiration) but there's no way I'd go alone so as long as I can persuade [ profile] deans_babe to go then... I'll go. Scary as the thought is because I have complete self-confidence!fail when it comes to social situations. Stupid, right? Now if I could just persuade her to take a trip to Camelot with me next year... In the meantime, please give an idiot *points at self* advice on navigating the Expo site and how much stuff is and all that malarkey. Please? And yeah, I know the Merlin panel isn't announced or confirmed or anything yet, but they've been at the last two and I'm sure they'll be at this one too... so some help please =)

4) drabble: [ profile] adelagia sent me a little Bradley/Colin RPF drabble yesterday evening which she's now posted - it's as wonderful as everything else she writes and you should go read it right now. Seriously, go: Bradley/Colin drabble

5) mgg: Those of you who've not yet seen MGG's own website (all his own work) should go check out gublerland - this guy is so adorably quirky in RL and that website is completely wonderful ♥

6) hotel muppet: Just a reminder that there's an open invitation for anyone who wants to come stay at Hotel Muppet. I'm hoping [ profile] dazzlebug is coming again later this year (which I'm really looking forward to as I loved having her stay last year) so just throwing it out there that there's an open invitation for you if you want to come over - plus I figure that although the thought of meeting new people (self-confidence!fail in spades) mostly scares the crap out of me, this is a good way to get past that and also meet some of you lovely people too. Not going to any cons or Expo or Camelot or whatever means I never get to meet any of you in RL which is my fault for being such a complete wuss about social situations and a real shame too as those of you I have met (although it's hardly any at all) have all been lovely =) So yeah, just saying.

*hugs to you all*
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