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1) paper packages: [ profile] paper_packages now has over 300 members/watchers. This is overwhelmingly flattering and more than a little shocking to me. I am incredibly grateful to everyone who's joined/watching over there and so pleased that so many people seem to like what I'm doing. I ought to do a little thank you post - and I will.

2) gp: I have a GP appointment on Monday to hopefully start sorting out these never ending periods from hell I'm having. Still feeling headachey and tired this weekend, but then it's been a pretty draining week with it and I did have to take Wednesday off work as I was feeling so crappy. Ugh. My GP is pretty wonderful though so hopefully I'm not going to have to wait forever for whatever needs to be done to sort this all out.

3) expo: Am currently trying to persuade [ profile] deans_babe to go to Expo with me in October in the hope of finally seeing the Merlin boys. Never been to anything like that before so need you all to tell me how the hell to go about researching/organizing/etc. [ profile] adealgia has been inspiring me with emails as to why I should go (they mostly consist of facts relating to Colin which clearly is more than enough inspiration) but there's no way I'd go alone so as long as I can persuade [ profile] deans_babe to go then... I'll go. Scary as the thought is because I have complete self-confidence!fail when it comes to social situations. Stupid, right? Now if I could just persuade her to take a trip to Camelot with me next year... In the meantime, please give an idiot *points at self* advice on navigating the Expo site and how much stuff is and all that malarkey. Please? And yeah, I know the Merlin panel isn't announced or confirmed or anything yet, but they've been at the last two and I'm sure they'll be at this one too... so some help please =)

4) drabble: [ profile] adelagia sent me a little Bradley/Colin RPF drabble yesterday evening which she's now posted - it's as wonderful as everything else she writes and you should go read it right now. Seriously, go: Bradley/Colin drabble

5) mgg: Those of you who've not yet seen MGG's own website (all his own work) should go check out gublerland - this guy is so adorably quirky in RL and that website is completely wonderful ♥

6) hotel muppet: Just a reminder that there's an open invitation for anyone who wants to come stay at Hotel Muppet. I'm hoping [ profile] dazzlebug is coming again later this year (which I'm really looking forward to as I loved having her stay last year) so just throwing it out there that there's an open invitation for you if you want to come over - plus I figure that although the thought of meeting new people (self-confidence!fail in spades) mostly scares the crap out of me, this is a good way to get past that and also meet some of you lovely people too. Not going to any cons or Expo or Camelot or whatever means I never get to meet any of you in RL which is my fault for being such a complete wuss about social situations and a real shame too as those of you I have met (although it's hardly any at all) have all been lovely =) So yeah, just saying.

*hugs to you all*

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as someone who has been to multiple cons and has met many many flisties in rl, i say, GOOOOO. it will be awesome. fangirls are awesome. you'll have so much fun at the expo. i was pretty nervous before my first hp con as well, but i've been going every year since [this year was my fourth]. it's so nice to meet people in rl and talk and be silly together.

soooo, where do you live, exactly? feel free to answer in a pm if you don't want to say it on here :)

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I do really want to go but the self-confidence!fail hods me back and there's no way I'd go alone. Hoping she'll agree to come with me... I'm working on her =)

I live in Bournemouth, which is right on the south coast of England. My flat is literally 5 minutes walk from the beach. Bit far for you to come I guess, but hoping that at least sounds a little bit tempting =)

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i can understand! when i went to my first hp con, i had a friend with me as well [another flistie from scotland, actually, but i'd met her before in rl and she came to stay with me for a few days before we flew to vegas for the con].

oh, i've heard of bournemouth! well, i go back to germany every year. i also have a very good friend who's moving to the uk for grad school and i've been playing with the idea of dragging her to the expo in may next year [if it takes place and the merlin cast is there again].

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1. Congratulations! Seriously, your icons are lovely and always getting better and better. No wonder you have so many watchers!

2. I hope your GP can get it sorted out! Ugh, it sounds utterly HORRIFIC. *cuddles and chocolates*

3. The only convention-thingy I've ever been to was the first Asylum, lulz. They're fun, as long as you ignore all the crazies ;)

6. I definitely want to come down and see you again!!! When I get back to work on Saturday, I'm going to see how much annual leave I have left--they were sorting out Christmas on the last day I was there, so hopefully the annual leave file will have been updated--and sort it out from there. I'm thinking it'll be late November, possibly early December. Let me know how you're fixed for that, and I'll get it sorted with work :)

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Well yeah, the idea of the crazies scares me for sure, but you know what I'm like for meeting new people anyway... =/ Still, I really do want to go, so hopefully she'll agree to come with me =)

You said before it might be October/November - you think it'll be later now? You might even be around for my birthday again! No worries whenever you want to come though - come whenever you like sweetie, I'm looking forward to it ♥

*hugs muchly*
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1. COngrats for the 300 icons-by-you lovers! YOu know, I adore your icons.:D
2. Uhm. I feel with you totally. I'm sure that some solution has to be found for this problem. Hopefully your GP will find out something. *hugs you*
3. I was at a sci-fi convention last year for the first time, it was basicly about Star Trek. I took my younger daughter with me, not only for not going alone, but for having fun, of course! Have fun, too!
5. Wow! This website is so nice!

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Thanks so much for your suppoert at paper-packages, it's much appreciated ♥

I know it won't be solved on Monday but at least it'll be a start and I'm confident she'll be able to help me get it sorted out =)

Gublerland is brilliant, isn't it?! =)

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1) It's clearly because you rock, you know. Your icons are total love!

3) I feel like I'm forgetting something. Oh, yes, COLIN COLIN COLIN.

6) When I get over my own self-confidence!fail and amass a reasonable amount of monies, I'm totally coming over. And then we shall lay a very quiet but gleeful siege to Camelot. *nods*

From: [identity profile]

Oh yes, it's clearly because I rock. *hides* Or something.

COLIN! Is there any other reason? Nope, think not.

And then we shall lay a very quiet but gleeful siege to Camelot.

That right there? Sounds absolutely perfect =)

*hugs muchly*

From: [identity profile]

1 - Huzzah!!! Congratulations :D It's because you rock, of course!

2 - Oh good. That's excellent news and I'm actually REALLY happy to hear this!! I hope everything goes well and your GP can help you figure out what to do about that, because you should not have to be dealing with this on a regular basis :P. *hugs*

3 - YOU MUST GO TO THE EXPO!!! I will join [ profile] adelagia in the e-mail harassing program, if that's what it takes, hehe! Goodness, if I had money, no fear of flying, and holiday time I would SO GO OUT THERE just for the Expo in October :D. But alas....I do not. I need someone to meet Colin on my behalf *grins* :D

4 - It was pretty adorable! Don't normally read B/C stuff, but that was very cute and enjoyable :D

5 - I might just do that, actually. I thoroughly enjoy him even though I don't watch CM anymore :)

6 - Dude. I am ALL about that. But you'll just have to keep your hotel open for another 2 years or so...because summer of 2011 is when my friends and I plan to make the trek over to Europe!! :D Can't WAIT!! :D

*hugs you back* :D

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I have a lot of faith and confidence in my GP so hopefully she'll help to get this sorted as quickly as possible for me - I certainly can't carry on with it like this, that's for sure.

I really, really do want to go but it all depends on getting [ profile] deans_babe to go with me as I WILL NOT go on my own - so fingers crossed that my powers of persuasionw ork on her =)

[ profile] adelagia's fic was just so adorable, wasn't it? ♥

Oh you should check it out - it's all built by him and the artwork and stuff is all his and it just shows you how adoarbly quirky he is in RL - often I'll like the character and not the actor, but in this case I adore both ♥

I'll keep Hotel Muppet open as long as possible =)

*hugs muchly*

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Yes! I feel the same way about cons--they always sound like so much fun, but I'm such an introvert that big meetings like that turn out to be more stressful than anything, and I end up not enjoying myself.

However! I would love it if you could go, and I think that your plan to work your way up to that with smaller groups is a really great idea. My monthly slashers' brunch has done wonders for my self-confidence, and it sounds like you're meeting more slasher folks in RL. It can make such a difference, I think -- having the freedom to talk about the things that really interest you as a fan is so different than most RL situations, where you really can't just bring Bradley and Colin's eyefucking into the dinner conversation.

I promise, the next time I'm in the UK I am taking you up on the Hotel Muppet offer. You're such an amazing presence in my virtual world, and I would really love to meet you in person! *hugs lots*

From: [identity profile]

they always sound like so much fun, but I'm such an introvert that big meetings like that turn out to be more stressful than anything...

Which is how I feel and why I won't go alone - but this is a smaller sort of thing than a con and I do so want to go as I've regretted it every time I've not gone to one of the things the Merlin cast has done over here. We'll have to see (and hope) that she agrees to come with me =)

You're one of the very few that I don't think I would be terrified of meeting *lol* so i really do hope you can make it over someday - you're always more than welcome here ♥

*hugs muchly*

From: [identity profile]

1) It's because your icons are so pretty! Speaking of, I think I still owe you a comment on that last batch...

2) I'm so glad. I hope things go well.

3) Cons are fun! And crazy, but fun! Obviously I've never been to Expo, but the two different cons I have been to were tons of fun. I'm not all that extroverted myself, but there is just something about cons. They make me giddy and nervous (JOE HUGGED ME), but I love hearing what the actors have to say and making line buddies and meeting people I only ever knew on lj. I say go! As long as you have at least one buddy with you, you'll have a blast. (And you can tell me just how pretty Colin and Bradley are in person!)

4) Such a cute drabble! You know I had to read it. *pretends to glare at you*

5) That site was hilarious. He must be on crack.

6) If I did not live in Texas, I would totally come stay at Hotel Muppet. If only teleportation were possible!

(ps - I got your card! I actually got it before my birthday, but in the bustle of D*C, forgot to mention it. You are such a sweetie! I have also been stalking your delicious account. Mwahahaha!)


From: [identity profile]

1) You're like the offical commenter or something for PP - I always look forward to yours most of all as you always give the most detailed and constructive feedback and I really do find it so very helpful and useful ♥

4) I almost put a little something pointedly telling everyone and [ profile] kimberweeme to go read it *lol* but I was fairly sure you'd take the hint anyway =)

5) Isn't it great! I was just grinning so much looking at it - at one point Friday evening I was playing with it and hovering the mouse over things to get stuff to pop up and make noises and stuff and just lmao and Peter comes in and asks me wtf is that weird site! LOL! He's clearly put so much effort into it and it's so individual and quirky - I absolutely love it ♥

6) You don't know how to teleport? And you call yourself a fangirl? Shame on you...

I'm so glad the card did arrive and in time for your birthday too =)

*hugs muchly*

From: [identity profile]

[ profile] paper_packages is an awesome comm and you're an awesome icon maker, so I'm not surprised at your success! :)

Hope everything goes well with the doctor appointment and you find relief soon. *hugs*

OMG! That would be so much fun for you to go to Expo! I hope you get to go. And, yes, Colin would be more than enough inspiration!

Thanks for the fic rec. I will check it out this weekend.

Hotel Muppet sounds like a lovely place to visit. If I ever have an opportunity to go to the UK, I'd love to meet you :)

From: [identity profile]

I'm a little overwhelmed at how many have joined/are watching - it's sort of surreal really as i'd never expected anything near that number.

I'm crossing everyting that my friend will agree to go with me as there's no way I'll go alone - send good luck vibes please =)

It's just a short Bradley/Colin drabble following Colin's trip to hospital this week and it's absolutely adorable ♥

Hotel Muppet is lovely (I'm biased) I'm 5 minutes walk from the beach - 2 minutes walk from a lovely Cafe Nero, Urban Beach Hotel is literally across the road (and that place is awesome) - surfer boys down on the beach to ogle and laugh at when they start showing off... and squee boxes full of fandomy shows to suit everyone =)

*hugs muchly*
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From: [identity profile]

Oh, go to Expo! If I would be a bit better financially, I would fly over, too. I'm constantly envious of everybody who has a chance for RL experience.

And I hope GP will find out what's wrong. You've definitely suffered too long.


From: [identity profile]

It would be amazing if you came over - you'd stay here and we'd go (quietly) squee over the boys together =)

*hugs hard*
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From: [identity profile]

There would definitely be squeeing, but I'm not so sure about the quiet part ;)

Tell you what - go this October, test the waters. And I'll start saving money to come over next year. What you think? =)

From: [identity profile]

Well I'd be the quiet one. Self-confidence!fail, don't you know.

I think that sounds wonderful ♥

From: [identity profile]

Sounds like paper packages is doing well, just as I expected!!! I mosey down there occasionally, cause there really are some great iconists there!

I'm sure you've got an excellent GP, and if there's anything I can do to explain any medical term to you (i'm in the industry) just drop me a line

Ohh and who exactlly is MGG, that website is completely odd but is made of awesomeness!

I'm so jealous of you getting to see the Merlin boys! I've seen the vids and I've seen the behind the scenes and they seem to be cheeky but enchanting (no pun intended) people! Hopefully you do get things sorted and get to go! I've only been to 2 in my life before but nothing as spectacular as the ones in UK and the US!

As for Hotel muppet.. I'm going to hold you to that :P When I get the time off and the $$$ to get to the UK you'll be my first point of call!

From: [identity profile]

I'm the only iconist at [ profile] paper_packages - unless you mieant icons, in which case thank you =)

MGG is Matthew Gray Gubler, and he plays Dr Reid in Criminal Minds - your summary of the website is pretty spot-on =)

I don't know if I'm going yet! I really do hope so though *fingers crossed*

*hugs muchly*
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From: [identity profile]

Hotel Muppet eh? Does it offer chocolates on the pillows and champagne on arrival? :P

From: [identity profile]

Chocolates on the pillow, sire.

Champagne? Cheap stuff if you like - but there's a bar directly over the road which is even better =)


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