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([personal profile] the_muppet Oct. 1st, 2008 10:58 am)
1. I feel sick =( Chest hurts, throat hurts, sneezing and coughing - all the usual crappy stuff. Am at work but seriously considering not being at work tomorrow and instead maybe spending the day on the couch with Sam Winchester. Well, Supernatural, but same difference.

2. I bought a blue long-sleeved top from H&M and a red zipped up hoodie from Gap the other week and I can't decide if I look like Superman or Little Red Riding Hood. Either way, I like them =)

3. My new glasses will be ready to be collected today - there was a buy one, get one free offer when I got the ones I currently have, but I only just got round to choosing the 2nd pair. I took [ profile] deans_babe with me to help me choose as I'm just crap at that and also to help me make sure I got a cool but geeky pair ;) I'm getting better about wearing them when I should and they are helping =)

4. Why is it that every time I hear an Alphabeat song I think of Jasper Hale? A fictional character? What the hell is up with that?? I'd like to blame it on the large quantities of cough medicine I've consumed the last couple of days, but in truth it's been happening for a while now. Makes no sense to me whatsoever.

5. I had my bunches cut off so I could wear my hair down. It's kind of like a short bob now but I just can't get used to it. 5 months of wearing it in bunches every day has left me not knowing what the hell to do with my hair now I don't have to tie it up. Weird.

My flist is made of wonderfully awesome people. You know that, right?

*hugs all

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1 - Oh dear, that sounds like what I had a couple of weeks ago. Take tomorrow off, it's a much more efficient way of dealing with it. Plus I just met Sam last night, and I think he would make an excellent remedy.

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I think I probably will if I still feel like this, if only so it doesn't get any worse.

Sam is an excellent rememdy, and right now nothing would be better than spending a few hours curled up with him =)

Been meaning to email you this week *hugs you so tight for the invitation* and I'll definitely do so before the week is out xx
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1 - describes my health atm. without the chest pain, but other than that perfect description. I do start university tomorrow again, after the holidays and I am worried about getting really sick, because I just don't have the time for it.

I wish you all the best and I agree with [ profile] gayalondiel that you should stay home tomorrow and try to get better. I would do it, if I had the time for it.


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I know what you mean about not having the time - and I'm usually one who doesn't stay off work unless I absolutel have to, but I don't want this getting any worse then dragging on for ages, so yeah, may stay home tomorrow - I'll see how I feel.

Good luck with Uni tomorrow - bit of a shock after so long off =)


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*hugs* Hope you feel better soon.

Going to delve into Sam's world tomorrow I think. I've been delaying the pretty for too long.

Ooo short hair. It's so weird when you go from long to short.

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Well it's not gone from long to short, not really. It was ridiculously short at the beginning of the year and I've been grwoing it out since then. When it started to go through the annoying stage I started wearing bunches as I've done that before when growing it and it works well for me - but where I didn't get it cut between jan-August, all those layers were such a mess that the only thing I could do was wear bunches, I couldn't possibly wear it down! This time though I decided I was sick of that, told him to chop off the bunches enough that I could wear it down but yeah, am still growing it - way too much information huh?!

How can you delay the pretty? *gasps* There are other shows I could do that with, but not Supernatural ;)


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*hugs you tight*

I hope that you'll feel better soon!!!

I plan on maybe visiting you not this weekend but the one after, arriving on Friday evening and leaving Monday morning... I'm at plotting stage ;)

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REally? Next weekend? Hope you're going to let me know at some point then if it's happening or not so I can get organised?! *lol* You got my email right, so you know Peter is here that weekend? As long as that's okay with you, hopefully you did get it =)


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I've just checked the prices, and I'm going to have to wait for my parents' next money transfer, so it might either be the weekend of the 10 or of the 17 it seems. Either way I'll update you hon, ASAP. I guess I would arrive about 8pm on Friday and leave about 8am on Monday. No worry I'll send emails ;)

*hugs you tight*

And I don't mind visiting while Peter is here, hon. :)
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*Is. Not. Impressed*

You're delusional, that's how sick you are. What you have there is a clone, just a poor imitation. I have the real thing lounging on my couch =)

*smug grin*
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I know, lots of people seem to be sick right now. Nuh.

Well when I wear the two together, it's very Superman-like!

Bunches... *thinks* ponytails? Pigtails? Not sure what else you call them, I've always called mine bunches =)
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Ponytails then - but y'know, little ones =)

Hope you feel better soon *hugs*

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#2 ... do we get to see a picture of you with the new glasses? *is curious*

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A picture of me?

*looks shifty*

Yeah, I'll get right on that....

*runs far, far away*

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Maybe I'll email you one.

Maybe =) x

Very good pupy dog eyes icon btw =)

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@ #1 - *hugs* I'm just getting over that stupid cold too! *hugs*

@ #2 - *looks at their website* I want to go to that store!!! Grrr, the closest one is in Braintree! That's like an hour away, not cool!

@ #3 - I want to see you're new glasses :)

@ # 4 - *lol* the first time I read that I thought you typed "alefbet" and I was thinking "You know Hebrew!?!?!" yeah... I need to read slower...

@ #5 - I can't picture you without bunches *lol*

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1. Yeah, there seems to be a lot of this going around, which is pretty crappy =/

2. You want to go to H&M or Gap? If you ever visit, I'll take you ;)

3. I'll post a picture when I've got them =)

4. Oh yeah, I know Hebrew. *whistles* Actually no, I don't, but I think my thing for #4 is weird!

5. I know - me neither! That's why I'm having so much trouble trying to work out what the hell I'm supposed to do with it! Though I can still get it in bunches if i want to - little ones - but the whole point of having them chopped was to be able to wear it down, so I'm struggling on for now ;)


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2 - I've been too a gap before, in fact, a lot. *lol* I've never been to an H&M though! So, whenever I manage to get to the UK (2ish years) we can go :)

3 - awesome :)

4 - שנה טובה ומתוקה And no, I'm not fluent.. I copied that... plus, I don't have a Hebrew program on my computer. Transliterated it's Shana tova umetukah ;)

5 - Picture? You can just find one online that looks simmilar if you want.

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go ahead and take off sweetie, you deserve it, rest and spend the day with sam :)

I love fun glasses make sure you post a pic :)

love ya girl


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Spend the day with Sam? *happy sigh* I'd make a crossroads deal right now for that =)

I'll definitely post a pic of the glasses when I get them - hopefully picking them up at the weekend =)

Love you too =)

*heffa hugs*

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1 - I'm sorry your sick! I had that same thing after the hurricane. (We all did. I think the Ike stirred up stuff in the air.) I say, take your day! Sam needs you!

2 - I always have to have someone else with me when I pick out glasses or sunglasses. My face is too narrow for me to wear most and not look ridiculous.

4 - My friend keeps telling me to listen to the Alphabeats, but I never get around to it. You're an other good opinion, I gather?

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You're right - Sam needs me, dammit! Reason enough for me - as well as the sandpaper throat and whistiling chest - highly attractive. Not.

I'm terrible with making those sorts of choices so I've had help choosing both pairs, which I think was wise ;)

Well Alphabeat actually make me laugh - not sure why - maybe it's because their music just seems to be inthe wrong era to me - when I first heard them I thought it was some old 80's song being played that I'd just never heard before. But yeah, their music makes me smile I suppose for that reason, and if it makes you smile it can't be all bad, right? Plus there's the whole Jasper Hale thing going on, which makes it even more ludicrous, so definitely worth it I guess =)

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*sends lucozade and warm blankies to wrap up in while spending the day with Sammy Supernatural. Feel better soon hon!

From: [identity profile]

I'd settle for wrapping myself in Sammy =)

But I'm home now and am going to snuggle on the couch with possibly a bottle of cough medicine by my side - and I think it unlikely too that I'll be going to work tomorrow. Nuh. *hates being sick*

From: [identity profile]

1. Aww sweetie! I'm so sorry you feel crappy :( But it sounds like a good plan to curl up with a Sammich tomorrow :D

2. Piccytures!!

3. Weeee, we both wear glasses! I think I need to go get my eyes tested again because I'm convinced they've gotten worse. *hands*

5. I used to wear my hair in bunches all the time! Is your hair curly, wavy or straight? I have to straighten mine everyday since I can't wear it up.

6. I got the DVDs, thank you so much! I'll send them straight back once I'm done ripping the episodes :D Your little note on the inside envelope made me smile =)

*squishy hugs*

From: [identity profile]

1. Not that I need any excuse to vcurl up with Sammy, but it's good medicine too, right? =)

2. Pixtures? Did I say there'd be pictures? *freaks out a little* Oooh, of the clothes - no problem - maybe at the weekend when I do a pic of the new glasses =)

3. I have to wear them now for computer work and reading - have done since July.

4. Skipping #4 as I'm clearly a frek, right? =) It's okay, makes absolutely no sense to me either.

5. I always wear it in bunches when i grow my hair - done this more than once now and I like wearing them - just after 5 months it was getting a little boring *lol* but if I don't work out what the hell to do with my new haricut soon, the bunches are going back in ;) My hair is quite thick, mostly straight but being so thick it can get kind of wavy and annoying.

6. I'm glad they arrived so quickly - the little note was in case the 2nd package inside the first confused you - plus it amused me and it obviously doesn't take much =)

And - it makes me smile when you use my icons when you comment, although you totally don't have to =)


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1. Sammy is always good medicine, even if you don't feel ill! He's kind of amazing like that ;)

2. Yay!

3. I had to get mine about a year ago--I started getting headaches when I was sitting in front of my computer at work all the time and they said to only wear them when I was at work, reading or watching TV, but they made such a difference to my sight that I just keep them on.

4. I don't know the Alphabeat song or anything about Twilight is the real reason ;)

5. Sounds like we have much the same type of hair--mine's thick and generally has a wave. Annoying.

6. Hee, I figured it was just so they wouldn't get damaged, but it made me smile ^_^

Hee well this icon's my favourite at the moment, other than my Ashton icon made by [ profile] misty_writes ;)


From: [identity profile]

Sammy is ♥

I noticed how much you like your Ashton one *lol* and it is very cute - I tried to find decent pictures of him to icon, like I'd said before, but pretty much came up blank. Sadly.

I really ought to find some food now - so can't be bothered. Ugh.

Oh - and I've totally forgotten what I wrote in that spn_sceneit pimping email to you all the other day - about who could do what, etc. When am I supposed to be pimping? *is embarrassed to be asking*


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Biiiiiiig fansite with many many pictures in the gallery :) I usually find it helps to google "(celeb name) fansite" and it'll bring up any of the 'unofficial yet official' sites they have, hehe.

Um *scrabbles around looking for the email* I can't find it right now, but I'll let you know when I do.

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From: [identity profile]

1.See my e-mail =)

2.I bet you look like a Supergirl =)

3.Remember to take the pictures!

4.When you have the answer, please let me know? I got the same reaction, sometimes (although, obviously, not in connection to Jasper *grins*)

5.You can shake it to have some hot guys stare at you in awe =)

6.Where is 6.?? =)


From: [identity profile]

1. The email you sent this afternoon?

2. Yeah. It's uncanny. *snorts*

3. No problem, already been asked that and was planning to anyway =)

4. I don't think there is an answer - I think there's just some weird chemical imbalance in my brain that makes me smirk when I hear their music and think of Jasper.

5. I could already do that with my bunches!

6. Ha! You're the only one who noticed! There was a 6 - I think - then I started editing it and *oops* have no idea what it was!

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From: [identity profile]

1.No, the evening one. The one that just bumped back.... Dammit. *sends again*

2.I was being serious *glares* You so are a Supergirl! =)

3.Hm, some people think I'm weird. So this probably means weird brain chemistry. Hence the strange associations. *nods* I can live with that =)

5.Ah, but there are the bunches and then there's hair. The former is more girly. With loose hair you can seduce the guys properly =)

6.I thought you just forgot =)


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I did wonder! I have that email now - just going to reply before dosing myself up thoroughly and going to bed to try and sleep the worst of this oof.

I don't really do the whole girly, girly thing *lol* but I'll give it a try next time I'm out - I'll walk around flicking my hair looking like a complete idiot =P

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From: [identity profile]

I'm not talking about doing girly thing. I'm talking about doing womanly thing =)

From: [identity profile]

I never used to love H&M but I'm certainly coming round to it - get a lot of tops there now, and an great pair of gloves the other day too =)



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