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( Dec. 24th, 2012 08:36 am)
Sorry I've not been around - the last two weeks at work I've been putting in crazy hours trying to get everything done, including a new Timetable of Doom, and most of you know how that usually goes.

This year I'm only working one day over the holiday week (instead of all of them as I usually do) so this week am working Thursday then Peter will be over so we can have our own Christmas Day together on Friday. Until then, I foresee much lounging around in pyjamas feeling incredibly tired and doing very little as I'm all out of energy. Lovely.

So I'd just like to say Happy Holidays to all of you: whatever you're doing have fun, be happy and take care of yourselves - you're all simply amazing people and it's an absolute pleasure knowing each and every one of you ♥



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