And now I have to wait two years before I can see them play again. Already counting the days ♥

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Me too! Would have preferred not watching it alone (so I could share my ridiculous excitement!) but I loved it and I'm so happy =)
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Maybe we should keep in contact via chat or something, next time they play.... =D

And Poland will play Germany in October, here in Warsaw. I'm thinking about maybe going, but that will depend on ticket prices.

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I only get to watch them on TV once every 2 years, as UK TV doesn't show their matches =)

I think you should go if you're able to - good luck!

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Germany wins!

I thought the Brazilian president was pretty petty the way she handed off the trophy to the German team. It was like she couldn't care less and only wanted to be outta there...which I can't really blame her for the last part. Sore loser. :-D


ps. Hubby really wanted Messi to get in at least one goal.

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So did I! Glad I'm not the only one who noticed that!

Thank you ♥

Aw, so did I really, bless him. Though... I don't think he deserved the Golden Ball as bast player. Yes, he's amazing, but he didn't shine at this World Cup like everyone thought he would and I do think there were other players who performed far better.

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I was totally thinking of you when they won :))) Such a classy, deserving team!

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Lovely boys, aren't they? =)

I was dancing around my lounge when they won! Alone sadly, though maybe that's for the best =)
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Hehe, I KNEW I'd find this...

Really pleased for you honey, was thinking of you when I heard the news.



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