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( Jan. 12th, 2007 11:58 am)
I should be working but really, I just can't be bothered.  Not that I really have anything to post here either, but it's better than blankly staring at the screen waiting for lunch.  *works on some more cover stuff instead*

Ella and I have decided to try out the bow and arrow again on Sunday ~  we can't take it down the beach and try it out there ... apparently we can't use it in any public place as it's a weapon, so now we're kinda limited.  Still, her garden is pretty big and we could always come to here where we work as the grounds are large and not public  ;)   Also I have Monday off work and was thinking about maybe trying out some vidding as it's been a while now since I made anything.

So hopefully a pretty relaxing weekend  :)
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( Oct. 18th, 2006 10:27 am)
I'm so caught up on my cover workload at the moment that I pretty much have nothing to do here at work today ~ not that it will last for long!  Do you think I could get away with browsing the internet all day?  Worth a try?

I phoned the TV repair people this morning and they tell me a manager will phone me back later this morning.  They'd better.  I'm not as angry as I was last night about it, but I'm still pretty damn cross.

I'm going to post the SPN vid tonight, despite the lack of encouragement!  I still haven't managed to get it to render properly but it's a playable version and that's all that matters really.  I am was might be working on an SGA vid at the moment.

A cute Art Therapist just arrived for a meeting, so I have to go now and, you know, be all professional ......
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( Oct. 16th, 2006 12:04 pm)
I have the day off today so am trying out a couple of SGA vid ideas. Have pretty much given up trying to properly render the SPB vid, though I do try now and again ~ it's very frustrating :/ I kinda got it to save, but it's a version that gives you no details about bit rate or length of vid, and won't rewind or f/forward, it will just play, but it will at least play the whole thing. For example (about the details) on a properly rendered vid that I have saved as a WMV, these are the categories displayed when you hover over with the mouse: Type, File, Duration, Bit Rate, Dimensions, Protected and Size, but with this other version I have so far managed to save all you get is: Type, Dimensions & Size. Also, when you play it as well as not being able to rewind or f/forward, it doesn't tell you the total time if the vid. Trivial things, I suppose. My question is: should I just upload it anyway, and share what I have managed to save, in the hope that one day I will be able to get the damn thing to render properly? It is actually complete, just not renedered properly, I guess.

My TV was returned today, all mended and with a new tube installed :) Actually, it wasn't too bad using The Boy's TV in his bedroom ~ although his TV is small (my now fixed TV is 32") his bed was very comfy and I didn't really mind the small picture.

I had to go shopping this morning, much as I didn't want to leave the house. It's my day off and I would've been perfectly happy to alternate between my computer, my TV and my books :) But I needed coffee and stuff, so had to venture out :( Also ended up buying three bars of Divine FairTrade chocolate (which is gorgeous so go get some) ~ one bar as part of my friends birthday present, one bar for my neglectful geeky elf partner (who forgets where I am alot of the time whilst she over-geeks ~ I know she can't help it so I forgive her :) ~ but she's having a traumatic time so needs supplies) and one bar for me ... in case I accidentally ate one of the first two bars :) Pretty good plan, eh? Of course, it's early in the day yet and there are currently three bars of chocolate sitting on my dining table ...........
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( Sep. 28th, 2006 06:15 pm)
I finished the SPN vid, then spent almost all day (I kid you not) trying to render it.  About 6 hours, actually, and still no joy.  Just the same old "Pinnacle has run out of memory" crap.  The closest I've come is a partial vid of 1m 40s ~ when it should be 3m 20s.  I've tried everything I can think of, but am open to suggestions.  The only reason I'm stopping now is because I'm going out, or I'd probably sit here all evening in the vain hope of getting it to work.  I may try again when I come back, so any help would be great  :)
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( Sep. 27th, 2006 10:07 am)
Pinnacle is being a bitch this morning ...... again.  Shocker, huh?  It was OKish yesterday in that it was slow at times but at least wasn't crashing, but this morning it crashes as soon as you try to add a clip.  I'm about 1m 20s into my SPN vid and haven't even started my SGA vids.  I'm trying not to get too wound up about it, so am off to play tennis then will try again after lunch.

Seriously, though, how patient have I been with this and how long have I tried to fix it?
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( Jun. 4th, 2006 07:20 pm)
So my week of geeky fun begins  :)    Not off to a great start though!  :P

So if you've read the above you will understand that I feel the need to take a break from my geeky downtime tomorrow so I'm planning to go to the beach for a few hours.  If any of my RL friends are reading this, then yes, you read that right, I'm going to the beach!  For those of you who don't know me so well, I hate/loathe/despise the Summer and am pretty damn scared of water (occasional panic attacks are not unheard of).  But I feel the need to participate in summerish activities (moment of madness that will soon pass), chill out and be away from the computer before it sucks all the joy out of the geeky downtime I had been so looking forward to.

It's taken me ages to write this as between paragraphs I've been desperately squeezing into trying on various skimpy tops and short skirts - disheartening but funny!

Geekiness will resume shortly  :)
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( May. 17th, 2006 10:10 am)
I'm having one of those days at work where I want to alternately kill people or sob (or both) - anyone else have days like that?  I know I'm tired so am now just hanging in there for my week off.  

Started a vid yesterday evening - just suddenly got the urge and so far Pinnacle hasn't crashed on me.  Think I may have to start over on the vid - I only like bits of it so far!  I'm looking forward to trying out other software when I have my break  ;)

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( Apr. 16th, 2006 08:30 pm)

So I started my McKay vid!  Then I stopped.  Meh.  Should've known after such a long break it wasn't going to be easy.  Still this song/vid has been in my head for weeks, so you'd think it'd be pretty straightforward to just transfer it, wouldn't you?  Nope.  Rather than get too frustrated with it I stopped.

Then I figured it had been a while since I actually made a vid, so perhaps I should just play around a bit, make a silly one (now that's something I can do!) and practise a bit.  So I started making this other vid, and it was great!  Well. it wasn't "great", but you know what I mean, I was happy with it, it was flowing so well, and I was about two thirds through when I read an email that just arrived and bam.  No more.  The email made me feel - dunno, something not great - and now I can't finish the second vid.  Not tonight, anyway, which is a shame cos I wanted to post it here.  I will finish it tomorrow.

Instead, I'm off to spend some quality time with Dean and Sam  :)

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( Apr. 10th, 2006 11:17 am)
RL blurb )

I posted some packages this morning - hope they bring a smile to a few peoples faces  :)

I am now as obsessed with SPN as I am with SGA!   Though I don't have any desire at all to vid to it.  I am, however, ready to start vidding to SGA - first up will be a Rodney vid that's been in my head for ages. 

After that - on with the McShep!  :D

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( Apr. 4th, 2006 02:54 pm)

So been working loads of hours (first in/last out at work lately) then off to the gym nearly every day - phew!

Am converting all my SGA episodes ready to vid  ;)

Also getting into SPN - it was only a matter of time really!  

Got an email today from McShep, so at least had something to smile about  :)

*hugs to all*


My life seems to be settling into a more even keel at the moment, which I'm glad of, as all those manic ups and downs were wearing me out!

Right, onto vidding  :)   I'm having a little problem which you can read about here, and if any of you can/would like to chip in, I'd be very happy as I'm getting pretty desperate to start vidding again and as I said before, I have an idea for a McKay vid to a Nina Simone song which is now so stuck in my head it seems to be on permanent loop!  Plus I still need most of SGA Season 2 (episodes 1-10) logo-free so help there also greatly appreciated!

Don't want much, do I?  :P

*hugs to all* xxx
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( Feb. 9th, 2006 09:04 am)

I've had a really crappy week so far, but am pretty sure things can only get better  :)

Tuesday )

I got the F4 vid finished for Urgo's birthday - ti's not great as I had a very short time frame and picked a difficult song, but it's done and I think he will like it  :)   In between everything else I need to do the next few days, I'm taking him and some of his friends to Tower Park for the day on Saturday :)

Once I track down the final elusive SGA Season 2 eps, McShep vidding beckons  ;)

*Love & hugs to all*



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( Feb. 5th, 2006 10:12 am)

Feeling quite down this morning, but trying hard to shake it off/ignore it.  The reasons why are behing the cut, but you can skip this if you like  ;)

State of mind )

I'm hoping to start on a vid today - sadly not SGA as I don't have enough material yet.  It's an F4 vid, which I would like to get finished before next weekend for The Boy as it's his birthday this week  :)

Also, on the search for Season 2 of SGA - all help appreciated  :)

*Hugs to all*

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( Jan. 19th, 2006 09:53 am)
Just a quick update on where things are with me :)

Saw my GP yesterday, who has signed me off work for a week and prescribed me a course of sleeping pills. Eep. Never taken sleeping pills before, I always found the thought of them a little creepy - by hey, I am at the point of trying them now, so I'll give it a go. Feels weird to be off work so I'm trying not to think about it - I'm terrible for not taking sick time and just working through it - even my GP said I must be feeling pretty crappy if I let her sign me off (we've argued over signing me off before, with me refusing). So as long as I don't think about it, I guess it'll be OK.

I'm supposed to rest and hopefully let my sleep catch up with itself, but I'm also supposed to make sure I go out regularly and see friends - like she says, there's no point having time off due to anxiety attacks if I then lock myself in the house for a week and not see or speak to anyone. I'd hardly feel better about talking to people when I go back to work if I do that, would I?

On a cheerier note, I am again trying to fix my Pinnacle problems - hey ho. I received a new install disc from them, so am ready to run that soon and see what happens. I would so love to be making vids again - I used to spend so much of my free time doing that anbd I just loved it. So fingers crossed it works this time :)

Hope you all are happy and healthy :)
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( Nov. 18th, 2005 10:14 pm)

I am so glad this week is over - have just also come to the end of a mammoth 8 day headache - my longest, so far, was 9 days, so I was getting a little worried.  And I got my physio appointment through today (finally) though I still have to wait about another three weeks for it!  Oh well, at least there is now some light at the end of the tunnel  :)

Huge thanks the Chele of for letting me use my lovely new Danny pic - perfect for me - lovely pic of the boy and as anyone who knows me will tell you, I'm a committed coffee addict!  :P

Still battling away with my Pinnacle problems, and have (through much struggle) manged to turn out a bit of a nonsense vid - well, that's what I do!  Am still debating about putting it up or not ..........

*thinks some more*

........ maybe ..........





I've just gone 2 whole days now without a thumping headace/feeling totally crap, and boy, it feels good!  :D   Having spent weeks in pain and feeling like I'm about to keel over, I now feel great - just because I feel well!  :)   It also means I can now get on with everything I've been putting off - so a lot to catch up with  ;)

Although the wonderful [ profile] azonia  has helped me out in the VE software department, I am still making a last-ditch effort to fix Pinnacle.  Why?  Because I really like using it, I'm comfortable with it and I'm not giving up on something I paid money for without having tried everything!  Pinnacle support have run out of ideas and are just sending me ones they've sent before, but Cole J has been fantastic in helping me, so huge thanks to her  :)    I'm missing vidding so much, and have a few ideas that I'm desperate to get started on, so one way or another I need to resolve this problem or get to grips with other software.

And Halloween is nearly here - my favourite holiday of the year - so what's NOT to be happy about?!   Though I honestly couldn't tell you what I love about Halloween - I just do  :)



Just posting this on the offchance that anyone actually reads this journal - and if they do, they might actually be able to help me!!


So ........ if you think you can help, please let me know  ;)



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( Oct. 1st, 2005 09:16 am)
.... of some time off for me! Actually, it's the first proper time off I've had just for me in about 5 months, so maybe that explains why I need it so badly! :P

(Monsie & Cellardoor probably just fell off their chairs in shock that I've finally listened to them!)

Mmm, for some reason it won't let me post in "rich text" form today ........ weird.

Then again, my computer is being a complete pain in the ass at the moment, cos I can't use Pinnacle either :$ Which is a shame, as I want to make vids again, as I haven't made one in ages ....... except the Spidey one I made for my mate as a birthday request ...... but that doesn't count, as I never put it up anywhere! :P

So, a week of cake and trying to fix my computer, then ;)

Well, I went back to work today after being off for almost 2 weeks  :(    

 But it wasn't too bad, quite a good day really.........and Boo remebered my cake!  :D    I was just expecting a pastry from the bakery, but she got me a great big Memory Lane Cool Dude I shall be tucking into that later :)   I also got a box of very nice chocolates from a guy at work, so I expect to be feeling very sick later on this evening :P

Boo also has her website up and running now, so check it out by clicking on her name ;)   And if you're expecting a vidding're in for a suprise!  ;)

Am currently having a lack of confidence in my previous vidding ( as everyone does now and again) so the two vids I had in progress are currently incomplete and shelved...............need some inspiration..........mmmmmmmm.

Gater - there's a package winging it's way to you in the post which I hope will go some way towards remedying the current situation ;)


Yep, that's right, I have (again) changed my mind about the management job, and have decided to apply for it (feel free to slap me!)   Am so sure this time that I have got myself an application form and am currently filling it in  ;)   It's got to be in by this Friday and the interview is on May 5th  :$   I must be mad..........still, it's only a 6-month secondment, so it's not like it's forever if I hate it  ;)   The unfortunate thing is that the interview is slap-bang in the middle of my week off work that I had booked so I could relax a bit - can't actually see me being very relaxed that week  :P   Oh well..............

Am also back to the mad hours from tomorrow - getting up at 5.30am every day to be at work for 6.30am - finish around 5pm  :$

The Boy was driving me mad again this weekend - he seems to have a fair number of people watching his vids now, according to the amount of regular post he gets in his guestbook/guestmap, and he seemed to feel the need to offer me tips on how to be a better/more popular vidder, and how I could work harder on making my vids humourous like his - he even suggested I just copy his style as that might help me!!  Pointed out to him that I was happy as I was, thank you very much!  :D



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