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( Jul. 14th, 2014 11:01 am)


walking on sunshine. )

And now I have to wait two years before I can see them play again. Already counting the days ♥
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( Nov. 19th, 2007 02:06 pm)
*heffa huge hugs* to [ profile] padfootie for the cool package that arrived at work for me today.

Dude! You sent me Poldi biscuits! *LMAO*

I'll be snacking out later... and thank you :) x
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( Dec. 28th, 2006 10:25 am)
I went through all my entries and tagged them yesterday ~ took bloody ages and my tags are very unimaginative, but at least it's done now and a bit more organised.  I also cleared out a lot of stuff from my computer, burned a lot of stuff, and generally tidied up and organised everything which makes me happy  :)

I still can't find the tops worn in this icon I'm using and I've looked HERE (where clearly I got distracted for quite some time) and HERE and can't see it ~ seriously, if any of you know where to find it, please tell me.  PLEASE.

Hope everyone is happy and OK  :)
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( Dec. 22nd, 2006 08:10 pm)
Thanks to [personal profile] 30toseoul I found a link for a wonderful site called Elf Yourself ..... and from this I made these for Ma'hal:

Dancing Elf Torsten

Dancing Elf Poldi

Enjoy  :)
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( Dec. 12th, 2006 05:59 pm)
Knocked off work early and had a little retail therapy this afternoon. Well, not exactly, as I went to buy panto tickets *rolls eyes* and do a little more Christmas shopping. I did, thankfully, manage to get a few more presents today, good ones too :) Unfortunately, one of the presents I'd ordered but thought I'd 'paused' whilst the person decides if they want it or not has arrived and now I don't know whether I'm supposed to send it back or give it to them :/ Ooh, and I did buy myself a nice cup from The Pier with a voucher [ profile] _gater_ gave me last Christmas. Yeah, it takes me forever to spend vouchers since I can never make up my mind, but I knew I wanted to get one of their lovely cups with this voucher so I just needed to wait till I saw the one I loved .... and that happened today :)

I'm glad the Cd's arrived OK [ profile] aramley ..... enjoy the Rodney love :)

*I really need to work out how to put on a Mannschaft mood theme :)*
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( Nov. 28th, 2006 07:50 am)
I'm at work today ..... I'm supposed to be off all week but I said I would come in one morning to make sure the cover was OK. Good job I did ~ yesterday they only had one person off and the cover was a damn mess. Seriously, they couldn't make more of a mess of it if they tried. And that so annoys me as I put so much work into making sure it will all run smoothly when I'm not here, and I don't think they even try sometimes. You won't be surprised to learn it was The Tosser who screwed it all up ~ and already people are telling me to come back and not have the rest of the week off. *is cross*

Also, I feel like crap. I seem to be feeling worse and worse each day with this cold/bug/whatever, instead of better. [ profile] colej55 is staying with me till Thursday and I bet she wishes she were anywhere but here. I sure know I do. I tend to feel sorry for myself if I'm sick and this is no exception. I want to just crawl into bed and hide under the covers for the next few days ... but I can't. Meh.

I did, however, have a dream with Torsten in it last night, but that's unfortunately all I can remember .... a vague memory of Torsten. If footie dreams are a side-effect of this bug, I hope I never get better ~ got to find the positive somewhere, right? :)
I had to pay £3 via to watch this match and it was worth every penny  :)  Not just because Werder Bremen won, but also for the couple of times Le Grand OTP couldn't stay away from each other even though they were on opposing sides  ;)

First time was in the tunnel when they were all waiting to come out.  Torsten (as captain) was at the front of the Werder players, but conspicuously kept looking over his shoulder at the row of Chelsea players next to him, then looking forward again.  Then looking back again for a few seconds then forward.  After doing this a few times he obviously spotted his target because he turned and walked away from the front of his team and back towards the Chelsea players, whilst at the same time someone walked out of the middle of the Chelsea line ~ Torsten and Micha greeted each other happily then went back to where they should be ..... but Torsten still kept looking over his shoulder at Micha, right up until they walked out onto the pitch!

Second time was when Micha was injured in the 2nd half.  As he sat on the ground and was being treated, all you could see was a Werder player stood next to him the whole time  ;)  Couldn't see any Chelsea players around, but maybe that was just the camera angle ~ or maybe they just realised he was in safe hands  ;)  Torsten then bent down and ruffled his hair a bit before Micha was took off the pitch.  That was so damn sweet  :)

Yep, worth every penny  :)

Though I really must either resist the urge to pay for and watch every Werder Bremen game, or find someone with Sky Sports who will let me watch them!

EDIT:  Then Deb phoned .... she saw the 200th episode of SG1 for the first time tonight so we both spent a few minutes squeeing over our evenings then laughing at ourselves!  :D
I've found a way to watch the match on my computer thanks to  :)

And that's about as coherent as I can be right now as I'm SO BLOODY EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

*goes to get coffee and get comfy*
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( Nov. 22nd, 2006 09:32 am)
So I just spent another 20 minutes or so whinging to Deb that I can't watch the Werder Bremen vs Chelsea match tonight and it's Torsten's birthday, dammit.  And she was actually pretty sympathetic considering she totally doesn't get this obsession  :)  Then M came in and said I could have an early present and left a large Thorntons toffee cake on the desk ..... which made Deb & I pretty happy  :)  And did I mention that 'Radek' left an apple tart on my desk yesterday?  *g*  He said the cake fairy had been ... I don't think he got why I was suddenly spluttering coffee everywhere.  Anyway, I can't eat all this cake so help yourselves  ;)

Plus today I'm quite cross about something but am having trouble not feeling guilty about being cross.  Did I mention that guilt is my default position?  Along with paranoia?  And an over-active imagination  :) 

Oh, and I've changed my default icon for the day.  Because I can't watch the match tonight.  And no, I'm not over it yet :(

*returns to sitting in a corner with her cake*
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( Nov. 21st, 2006 10:13 pm)
I uploaded Heroes 1x09 (Homecoming) twice tonight ~ and both failed at 99%. So I will try again tomorrow.

Watched the Man Utd vs. Celtic match tonight and the only goal was scored by a Celtic player called Nakamura.  See the subtle connection there?  ;)   Then I switched over at the end and managed to catch a short post-match interview with Jens Lehmann  :)
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( Nov. 20th, 2006 08:22 pm)
I don't often bother checking my home mailbox ~ maybe once or twice a week ~ as all that comes there is bills and usually the exciting stuff gets delivered via my work address. But I had to go out just now to get a cheque signed for work and figured I'd check my mailbox on my way down the stairs and Oh. My. God. I'm so glad I did because do you know what I got?


Yes I laughed my ass off and yes that's a stupid dorky grin plastered on my face :) Ma'hal I love you to bits right now *huge hugs*. I'll be taking this to work tomorrow to help me remember to smile all day ~ though I think it'll be a while before I actually stop grinning :)

*Goes off to read her postcard .... again*
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( Nov. 20th, 2006 05:39 pm)

I wanted to randomly use a footie icon and just mention that I'm really pissed off that ITV is showing both the Man Utd and the Arsenal UEFA Champions league matches on Tuesday, and they are NOT showing the Chelsea vs Werder Bremen match on Wednesday. The one I desperately wanted to see. Ballack vs Frings. Bloody ITV.

Today was a better day, not least because I spent a large part of the afternoon flirting with chatting to 'Radek' (as [ profile] _gater_ and I call him) and he really made me laugh a lot, and that was good ~ bless him :)

I'm thinking about not bothering to do some of the things I had to get done before [ profile] colej55 arrived ~ I'm sure she would rather I wasn't completely exhausted the whole time she was here!

And had a slight moment of panic today when I realised I've only bought 4 Christmas presents so far .... and two of them are for the same person.

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( Nov. 14th, 2006 08:10 am)
Just in case you didn't know already:

Paid members reimbursement

Had a pretty messed up few days which have left me feeling meh, so apologies to those I owe emails and stuff to.   Feel free to throw happy thoughts my way.  Hopefully a few will smack me  :)
One thing which did make me smile this morning (which really shouldn't have) is a printout on my desk headed "Werder shocked by Dortmund" (obviously left by Mark, the guy who invited me to the football on Saturday) ~ silly boy seems to have forgotten that as I do the daily cover, it's me who decides what everyone does every day ... guess he's going to be doing stuff he hates for the next .... week?
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( Nov. 10th, 2006 10:07 am)

 I had an awful, awful time at the GP surgery this morning. Not that there's anything seriously wrong with me or anything, it's just it was a horrible, emotional experience that left me all girly and stupid. So I came back and sat in my office and bawled for a bit. I now have a little pile of various kinds of chocolate and cups of coffee next to my keyboard left by my lovely friends who can clearly tell I'm not having a great day. So I'm going to work my way through it all, because it would be rude not to, then try and get through today. 

Then I just got the lecture from Ella about "who comes first".  She perseveres until I say me.  Which I never do first time, though I should've learnt by now that she doesn't give up easily.

One thing just made me smile though, and this will make my geeky elf partner roll her eyes ...... one of the blokes here just asked me if I want to go watch our local footie team play tomorrow as he's going with his brother. I used to work at this footie club and used to go watch them play regularly which I loved, and what could be better on a Saturday afternoon? But The Boy won't want to go so I can't. But the thought made me smile.  Hell, it made me giggle  :)

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( Nov. 8th, 2006 10:04 am)
Has anyone seen a Daniel mood theme anywhere? [ profile] martoufmarty is looking for one, and though I said I didn't think I'd seen one, now I'm starting to think I have! Could you let me know if you know where to find one :)

13 footie userpics and geeky elf partner is finally realising she may be wasting her breath :)

And huge thanks to Ma'hal for your help with the DVD ~ Cadburys and Walkers on their way, I promise :)
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( Nov. 7th, 2006 05:40 pm)
If anyone on my flist who lives in Germany would be happy to help me purchase something from there and post to it me, I would be forever in their debt :) I'll happily pay the money and postage up front, so if you'd like to help, please email me :)

I saw on a vid comm today that someone had made some slash vids for Robin Hood, the new show on BBC, and that really made me laugh ~ I'm so glad it's not just me who things it's slashy, cheesy nonsense ~ well, me and [ profile] mir8lle ;)

My geeky elf partner is now back from her mini-break and will no doubt renew her attempts to convince me that my new-found obsession for the German boyharem is wrong. She's wasting her breath :)

Hugs Ma'hal because for some reason your post made me feel sad when I read it .... not because of what you said though, maybe it was the way you said it. Anyway, *hugs*
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( Oct. 28th, 2006 04:44 pm)
I took Ella along with me to Comet to make sure I was picking the right TV ~ not that she knows any more than me but she would at least stop me being rash and stupid and doing whatever the salesman told me. When we arrived at the shop and I took Ella over to look at it, it was showing pictures of F1 racing, which clearly I took as a good omen :) Then later, when we were waiting for the salesman to come over, it was showing pictures of the German football team in action (along with others) as part of a montage of the World Cup ~ and there was Micha .... then there was Torsten!! Which clearly I took to be a huge, big goddamn sign! :D Obviously this is not the reason I bought the TV, I'm just saying, there were clear signs and I didn't ignore them, OK? ;) So I got the TV and The Boy and I set it up this afternoon and it's all very pretty .... but I'm not happy with it. Not yet, anyway. I think it's partly my resistance to change (who doesn't have that, right?), partly that I'm often worried I made the wrong choice and partly because I haven't set it up the way I want yet ~ the colours are off and it still seems a little blurry to me. It does have built-in freeview which I didn't realise yesterday.

Ella always gets me cool birthday presents. Like she will get me something amazing that I ask for which I know no-one else will get, or just something really cool that no-one else would think of ~ last year she got me a meteor rock and it was such a cool present to get! So as we were watching this World Cup montage at the TV shop and I was squeeing over pointing out the German players, I mentioned that I'd very much like her to arrange that I get an actual birthday card from Torsten Frings this year. But she said she couldn't do it :/ My faith in her powers of awesome present-giving have diminished somewhat. Well, not really, but still, she would've really outdone herself if she could've achieved that!

Tonight The Boy and I are going to the fireworks show! I'm so excited, I fireworks! :D Hopefully I'll see [ profile] dizzyblonde3 there, and Ella is hoping to come too, though she's been at a beer festival all day so she's not sure if she will make it back sober enough in time :)

And although I mock the walking hairdo mercilessly, which he thoroughly deserves, I'm so damn jealous of my geeky elf partner who today got to touch meet Joe Flanigan ~ I can only imagine how happy she is and how hard she is grinning right now :)
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( Jul. 1st, 2006 01:27 pm)
Although it's my day off, I was going to drive over to work today to pick up the package that was due to arrive from the lovely [profile] delgaserasca, containing my missing Numb3rs episodes (obsessed?  moi?  phhbbtt.) ~ but I have a stonking headache so am going to lay on the sofa and chill out, which is what I think my body is probably trying to tell me to do  ;)

Went to Castlepoint with The Boy this morning (cake in Nero's as usual!) and bought some books from Waterstone's: Nick Hornby "A Long Way Down", Anita Shreve "A Wedding In December" and Dorothy Koomson "My Best Friends Girl" ~ hopefully I will get to start one of them later  :)

You know, apart from maybe the old guy who lives on the 2nd floor but no-one ever sees, I'm the only English person living in this building ~ everyone else is Portugese, so I guess at 4pm this afternoon me and The Boy will be a little drowned out!  However, one of the cars parked downstairs has both an English and a Portuguese flag flying, so I guess they'll be a little conflicted this afternoon!


M x


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