Sorry I've not been around - the last three weeks at work I've been putting in crazy hours trying to get everything done, including a new Timetable of Doom, and most of you know how that usually goes.

This year I'm working most of the holidays, though I do have Wednesday to Friday off next week, so that's nice.

So I'd just like to say Happy Holidays to all of you: whatever you're doing have fun, be happy and take care of yourselves - you're all simply amazing people and it's an absolute pleasure knowing each and every one of you ♥


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Happy Holidays, my dear! Stay healthy and well, and see you in the new year!
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I hear you about the hours, I really do...


I hope you'll have great Christmas time even if your holiday isn't that long ♥

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I hope you have a wonderful Christmas lovely and get something of a break, too ♥


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Happy Holidays! Good luck with your Timetable of doom.

And thank you so much for the card, you didn't have to!

You won't the only person working this festive season.. I get Xmas and Boxing Day off and working all the way through to and including new years and the weekends!

Much Love xoxo

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Glad the card arrived safely!

Happy Holidays lovely lady ♥

*all the hugs*

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Happy Holidays!!!!


I hope your lights are twinkling brightly and that you have a fantastic Christmas holiday.

All the best in the New Year!!!!

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And I wish all the same to you too, lovely ♥

*all the hugs*


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