At the Bournemouth Air Festival with Peter this weekend (that link goes to his post; check it out!) so am not around for much and am a little sunburnt and a lot tired right now!

If I have your mobile, I might let you know how it's going (or if I get too excited, as I did yesterday for the Typhoon) so apologies in advance for that!

Bournemouth Air TV if anyone is interested in watching any of the displays as they happen:
Watch live streaming video from bournemouthair at

Will post properly next week and will be around for stuff again from Monday.

Take care all and have a lovely weekend ♥

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I'm pretty knackered and not as up for this as I usually am, but I'm sure we'll have fun; thank you =)
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From: [personal profile] scribblemoose

I would have been very excited by a Typhoon too! it was great to share your squee. :)

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Have come home a little early today (way too hot) so am missing the typhoon, which is due in about 5 minutes, but I'm so close to the beach I'll definitely hear him and probably see him.

Last day tomorrow so will see him then for sure, he's my favourite =)

Glad you didn't mind the text!


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